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The attention was to be given to raise suitable structure to house the academy offices, training facilities i.e. class rooms, seminar/conference rooms, computer facilities, sufficient space for physical training programmes, Library, Hostels, Guestrooms, Canteens, Toiletries, Gyms etc.This needed a flawless organized planning. Behind a well thought out and concrete plan, supported by a master mind of dedicated competent and highly experienced team of persons, was essential.

In order to accommodate the young men and women in the training programme, the academy went ahead with its civil work on the site at Rampur village near Chanderlok colony in the Una city of Himachal Pradesh. By the end of March 2015 the basic structure of three storeys was almost complete. The classes for the training had also started soon after the academy shifted its temporary office from Malahat village to this permanent location in the year 2011.

As of now the academy has a space to accommodate around 700 existing boys and girls undergoing intensive training here. The present accommodation with six class rooms and one general seminar hall is insufficient to accommodate a large number of aspirants entering the academy every month.By the end of June 2015 the academy would have completed the 3rd floor to its main campus building. It would then have sufficient space to accommodate another about 200 trainees in its future preparatory programmes.

The classes to impart instructions on the preparatory courses for entry in the Defence Services, Paramilitary Forces and Police Forces continued from this new location.In addition the more space for instructional facility, the academy complex also would be able to house independent computer section where computer education could go uninterrupted for the trainees.The existing Gym, location has insufficient space, it would be shifted to a spacious location, so that more capacity for activities could be available.More space for existing hostel facility would also be available after the month of June, 2015.

Physical activities are the essential part of academy's training programme to make all the trainees fit and suitable to join the country's forces including police services. Grounds and roads around the campus are utilized for physical training.The academy regularly had been trying to request the local bodies, local administration and local MLA to assist, so that sufficient space for such activities is available for the trainees.With more funds available in the future, more qualitative additions in the infrastructural areas would be made.

This aspect is central to the academy's future, growth and sustainability. The strategy would encompass all those elements that would eventually be instrumental in achieving the laudable goal the academy had set for itself.Initially Col DP Vashist and Col Kuldip Singh took over as directors to give a pace to the training programme to young men who were keen to join Defence services, paramilitary services and police services etc. with their very hard work, the programme picked up its momentum fast. From 5 trainees at the beginning in the year 2002, the strength under this wing, which is known as Defence Services, Paramilitary Forces and Police wing has risen to more that seven hundred youngsters undergoing training now.It is the consistent hard labour put in by these both Senior Army Officers under the able guidance of Gen Bikram Singh, that more than 1900 boys and girls between 2002 and 2014 have successfully joined armed forces, paramilitary forces and police services after receiving intensive training here.

At the end of year 2014, a new department was created under Th. Tek Chand HAS (Retd) and was named the Civil Wing. The main idea behind this creation was to start a training programme for those young boys and girls who were aspiring to make a career in civil employment. This area of human activities offered a vast scope for all those who possessed qualifications needed for various openings in the central and state governments, public sector undertaking, banking, insurance, hospitality, aviation, marketing, merchandise, manufacturing, media, Railways, merchant navy, companies, industries, fashion, television, advertisement, entrepreneurships, education, agricultural, horticultural, pharmaceuticals and such other numerous professions and vocations.

A really large number of work force have skills, training, knowledge and professional experience who needed a proper connectivity at the employing end. A serious gap between academic education and needed inputs at the employability was essentially required to bridge this. Thakur Tek Chand, a senior retired HAS(Retd) officer joined the academy at the end of year 2014 as director civil wing to give a shape to this emerging new department.