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Strategy planning

The Defence Services and Civil, the two wings operational at the academy have their well planned training programmes:

1.  Armed, Paramilitary forces and Police Wing

(A): Col. DP Vashist and Col. Kuldip Singh are the two directors carrying out various functions and training activities for the trainees who stay at the academy for one year. In case some trainees fail to make it to their desired service during the period, can further continue without paying additional fee, so that any short fall in the training input is covered.

(B): Col. DP Vashist and Col Kuldip Singh VSM are supervising Physical and instructional training and infrastructural activities. In addition Col DP Vashist is supervising accounts office being finance Secretary and Col Kuldip Singh is supervising Hostel facilities and other connected work being General Secretary of the Samiti. Procurement of material for infrastructure is done under the supervision of a committee.

(C): The academy has appointed nine members for teaching various subjects. Morning physical training activities are conducted by Physical Education Instructors. They are two males and two females to supervise, boys and girls training groups, separately. Col DP Vashist and Col Kuldip Singh keep close watch on the day to day progress of the physical training.

(D): Education faculty in majority comprises of very senior retired teachers from plus two level schools. They are Principals (Retd) and have a long teaching experience. We have teaching schedule for streams in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, the subjects that need grounding for entries into various Defence, as well as civil employment. Some of the areas in these streams are touched upon for intensive inputs essential for competitive examinations. Here subjective and objective approach to the subjects is taken care. In brief other subjects are also discussed so that the prospective aspiring candidates could evaluate the contents and understand their importance.

(E): Teaching methodology of these academic subjects is both theoretical and practical. Questions and answer sessions and solved papers method is also conducted in the class rooms, so the trainees are exposed to real time situation at the examinations.

(F): Week end Saturdays are utilized for tests and appraisals, so that the impact of instructions could be assessed.

(G): The academy has a experienced Hostel Warden to ensure that boys living in the hostel remain within discipline. He also ensures that quality food provided by the canteen contractor is good.

2.Civil Service Wing

(A): A newly created civil services wing has started its work a few months ago. Thakur Tek Chand, a senior retired HAS officer has been appointed the Director of this wing. It has been entrusted with a multi-task responsibility to create a comprehensive training programme keeping in view the nature of the human resource that is required in the civil employment, in the country, including the state of Himachal Pradesh.

(B): The civil employment is a wide term and encompasses a broad spectrum of fields that are instrumental in generating qualified manpower that would be suitable material for entry into different segments of employment. Civil employment includes, central government All India Services, Staff Services, Public undertakings, Corporations, companies and such other entities where highly qualified manpower is required. Civil employment also means State Civil Services, State Staff Services, State Public Undertakings, and such other entities having services of semi govt. nomenclature where the states have stakes. Educational services at institution of higher learning, universities, colleges, schools all need a huge qualified manpower and only suitable candidates find entries in a highly competitive environment.

(C): Aviation, tourism, hospitality, banking, Insurance, Health, Radio-Television, event management, all such fields, governmental stake has increased for inclusive development of the people. Government at the centre and states has started specialized institutions to impart highly cutting edge knowledge to young people so they could add to the robust development of resources.

(D): Some fields like merchandise, marketing, stocks movement, railways, water ways, airways, surface transport, media, manufacturing, infrastructural developments, all need lakhs of technical and working hands to push the growing national economy forward. All such qualified manpower need foundational and professional training to linkup their qualifications with the demands of the futuristic needs and challenges that the future workforce and leaders needed to adopt to the competitions. The crucial gap between the education and employability needed to be bridged squarely.

(E): The civil wing at the academy has put in place a highly effective training programme. Any young boy or girls, who have dreams in life, who is committed to himself, who want to have clear cut aim, prepared for long hours of hard work, willing to devote and learn, a well designed training programme would give his dreams the real wings. It would push such an individual into a positive trajectory of fast achievements. On undergoing our well oiled, highly informative, motivational and self introspective programme even a person estimating himself as a mediocre, can assure his definite success in life. All those young men and women, who are completing their graduate, postgraduate and their professional courses, would be advised well that before starting a career in life, come to the academy. They must undergo our career building, professional boost programme. We assure all such entrants a sure value add potential to their careers.

(F): All such trainees who would take admissions will have to undergo a well designed and highly scientific training programme. It has a post graduate level theme. The duration of this course is between 9 to 12 months depending upon level of trainees. The academy conducts pre-entry appraisal and counseling that trainees may opt for suitable segment of programme

A brief summary of the Training Programme is:

(A):Foundational update in physics, chemistry, mathematics, general English. It covers syllabus of the plus two level studies. The trainees would have one period each of 40 minutes in the subject mentioned here, so that their fundamentals are made clear and could attempt objective choice questions in the competitive examination.

(B):The inputs on these subjects are also useful for all those candidates who are competing for CDS, SSB, NDA, IMA, OTA and such other competitive examinations, that are in demand among the ambitious young people.

(C):Lectures on subjective studies covering themes of National and International History, Geography, National movement, Panchyati Raj, Indian Constitution, Governance, science and technology, Economic development, disaster management, Biographies, discoveries, civilizations, English-Grammar, Essay, Precis, comprehension etc.

Skill Development:

(A):Communication skills

(B):Soft skills, encompassing ethics, integrity aptitude, improving general mental ability, self discipline, developing habit of hard work

(C):Professional skills i.e. focus on goal, self confidence, Initiative, Imagination, innovation and creative thinking, concentration & persistence.

(D):Inter-active skills, i.e. debates, seminars, group discussions, mock interviews, group and individual tasks.

Leadership and personal development:

Physical and mental health, the essential prerequisite attributes, Importance of meditation and yoga for a balance in life, Sports, fitness remain for keeping fit,Theories on personality development,skills of Natural Born leaders,Law of success for a real leader,Power Etiquette as a leader,Regenerate the leader in you etc.

General Awareness:

As a balanced and a well rounded personality every individual in any calling of his life need a well informed and calibrated approach towards a journey of success. For this every mature individual is expected to be aware, not only of his own potential as well as his drawbacks, but at the same time, he is also expected to know what all is happening in the world that surround him one may not overstretch or make a overreach to dig deep into the intricacies that leads to the outcome of the events, yet his well rounded and common sense approach to get acquainted with the world around and his own potentials to move forward positively, essentially require, him to improve his general awareness.

The general awareness encompasses in itself events and reasons leading to such discourses in this human and natural world. Being an intelligent species, it is essential that he visualizes and comprehend events and developments by using his art of awareness knowledge of events, inventions, human movements must remain on his mental compass so that he avoids being ignoramus. General knowledge, when imbibed in a spirit, to expand ones mental horizon infact is a step forward for success in any calling, profession and eventually a satisfying life.
Every day a good deal of time is spent by senior faculty members, visiting faculties and directors to enlighten the trainees on this important segment of learning on awareness.

Computer Education:

The academy has a computer section to impart computer education to every trainee as the emerging tool in powerful learning the information technology for future. The computer section would be expanded in the near future so that this service is used as a cyber cafe to disseminate information to the future aspirants requiring assistance from the academy. Plans area afoot to provide assistance to all those candidates who would approach us to fill up their resumes, online application for employment. In this way many candidates by paying small processing charges would have an expert help. It would also save their time and labour.

Self Defence Training for Girls:

The academy is also preparing a practical training course in the Self Defence for girls. The course has become essential when women are walking out in the world of competition. This course would give them an enviable place and self confidence.