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There was no training institution in Himachal Pradesh to train boys and girls for entry into the Defence Forces and Para Military Forces as officers and in other ranks assignment as such Brig JS Kanwar Dy Director of AGI New Delhi who was also involved in various other social activities conceived an idea to open such an institution in Himachal Pradesh, specially at Una with a view to generate employment for youth. He was in touch with Shri CD Khanna, Chairman Himachal Higher Education Foundation, New Delhi, a charitable education trust. It was also giving scholarship to outstanding girls of Himachal Pradesh in the educational field. He too was keen to open such an organization, a part of Himachal Pradesh Higher Education Foundation New Delhi and to fund such an institution till such time it becomes self sufficient of its own by generating its own sources of income. Brig JS Kanwar discussed the proposal with Late Gen. Bikram Singh AVSM & Bar, our former MP (Lok Sabha) who was based at Una, both thesepublic spirited and highly decorated senior Army Officers who were sons of Himachal Pradesh further deliberated on the issue. They wanted the dream to be brought on the ground, so that young boys and girls could receive best training at an institution and make a mark in life by joining their best careers. Gen. Bikram Singh discussed the matter with Col Kuldip Singh VSM and Col DP Vashist who had settled at Una district after retirement and belonged to Himachal Pradesh.

During a visit of Late Gen Bikram Singh to Delhi, Brig JS Kanwar and Sh. CD Khanna, discussed the proposal with him and had it deliberated with Col DP Vashist and Col Kuldip to explore the further possibility to open an institute at Una for the training of Boys and girls initially for entry into the Defence Forces and Para Military Forces including Police in OR cadre and thereafter to start SSB training. Further discussion got ahead and more meetings to finalize the location, funding, mode of conduct and other such related matters for the functioning of such institution. The formation of governing body for over all control and for local functioning and administration was deliberated.

Finally it was decided to open an institute at Una, a district headquarter, to be named as HP Academy for Defence Services (Una) HP-(A nonprofit social organization dedicated to the service of Himachal Society) promoted by Himachal Higher Education Foundation New Delhi, a Charitable Education trust.Col DP Vashist and Col Kuldip Singh undertook a visit to all districts of Himachal Pradesh and visited all colleges and explained to the boys, girls along with their teachers, the attributes and QR needed for the entry into Defence forces and Para Military forces. They also explained to them the aims and objects of the academy based at Una. The HP Academy formally started functioning in the year 2002 from a hired accommodation in Village Malahat at Una and continued there till 31 July, 2011.In the meantime a branch of the academy was opened at Beed in Kangra district. However, it had to be closed after spending about 1.5 lakh without much performance.

To further attract best talents among the girls, an incentive awards, after the name of Late Kalpana Chawla, an Indian Astronaut was also introduced. Himachal Pradesh Academy for Defence services had also instituted three awards of Rs.10,000 each in the memory of Kalpana Chawla, to meritorious girls students excelling at University level examinations. The awards of Rs. 10,000 each since 2005 were conferred on three girls of HP. State University who secured first position in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in the final M.Sc. examination. The spirit behind such incentives was to empower our girl child and women so that they take their rightful place in the fast intellectually developing society. With these small steps, initially girls intake was a trickle, but slowly it has picked up and now we have around a hundred girls under going training from HP and neighboring states. Boys not only from other districts of Himachal Pradesh, but also from other states i.e. J&K, Bihar, UP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Punjab have started joining here. Now we have around 800 trainees under going training at the academy.

By 2005 the academy became self sufficient, treading a path of non-profit and no loss principle. Sh CD Khanna expressed his inability to provide further funds to the academy. He further wanted us either to wind up or if wanted to continue then get the institution registered under the Registration of Societies Act. As it will not be a part of Himachal Higher Education Foundation New Delhi. For all his patronage and guidance our academy shall remain in debited to him. The President called an urgent meeting, in view of the development. Matter was discussed. It was decided to form an Executive Body to take further action. It was resolved in the Executive Body to get the organization registered under the Registration of Societies Act and continue the functions with more vigour and energy to achieve the long and short term objectives of the academy. Himachal Pradesh Academy for Defence Services was registered in the name of Himachal Pradesh Academy for Defence Services and Jan Kalyan Samiti (A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the services of Himachal) on 19-09-2005 with Regd. No. 5 / 2005 /

Late Gen Bikram Singh requested The Hon'able Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for allotment of land to the academy on lease which the state government very kindly agreed to allot. A piece of 40m × 40m of land thus was allotted to the society on lease in Rampur village near Chanderlok Colony Una. After taking over the possession of land which was leased out to society, with the kind help of the local MLA Shri Satpal Singh Satti, Thakur Tek Chand, Capt JS Manhas and local Administration for which the society members are ever grateful to them, Late Gen Bikram Singh, Col DP Vashist and Col Kuldip Singh had to face difficulties due to various bureaucratic hassles. However, we must thank Hon'able Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Prem Kumar Dhumal, former Chief Minister for their magnificent approach. They always entertained and listened to our problems and helped solving them.

Construction of Academy complex at the new site started and finally the academy headquarters moved to its new location at village Rampur, Near Chanderlok Colony Una on 01 Aug, 2011. Since then we are functioning from here. Now, we have our own building fully furnished with solar system installed.